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Web site prices

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  Normal Great Greatest
URL format http://yoursite.com and http://www.yoursite.com
Setup $30 $30 $30
Monthly charge $30 $55 $85
Max pageviews per day (month) 5000 (150000) 10000 (300000) 15000 (450000)
Disk space 100 150 200
Birth chart yes
Love chart yes
Horoscope yes
Fast love chart yes
Other services yes
FTP access yes
Email accounts On demand
cgi-bin perl yes
php ssi yes
Site statistics yes
Database Mysql has been replaced with Firebird.
You can manage your personal database:
Add, edit, delete tables and data.
Member database and management setup $50
  other options: other database systems, c, c++, pascal, python,

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Love chart

To calculate a full love chart using the time and place of birth for each person, do a birth chart and then select "Love chart" in the menu.

Other services

Almost any other service can be programmed, any astrological function or even any other type of programming.


You can pay by check or credit card:
  • By check:
    - for links and subsites, you must pay yearly from Jan 1 and prorata to that date.
    - for sites, you must pay by periods of 3 months starting on months 1, 4, 7 and 10, or the prorata to this period.
    For example: If you start on Feb 1st, you pay February and March in addition to the setup fee, and thereafter every 3 months.
    10% discount if you pay yearly.

Max pageviews

A pageview is a full page as displayed on your browser, or an on-line graphic. This is the fairest measure for usage, as the greatest charge on the hosting computer is the calculation.
If the number of pageviews exceeds the limit for your site, you will be notified and you should change to a higher level site.
Watch out for sites that try to steal your pages by linking directly to the chart calculation.

Disk space

Disk space is secondary for astrology sites. They do not have many photos, movies or other large files, and I have never seen one greater than 30 mb.

FTP access

You can change your pages as often as you like.

Mysql database management

You have full control over your database, it can be coupled with member management.

Install the software on your site

You can also install the software on your site, but this is not very easy and is useful only if you have a great deal of traffic. Make sure that your hosting computer is powerful enough to sustain the calculations. There are two possibilities:

PHP scripts, compiled calculation and database server

To install this package you need a sql database server (mysql or other) and the right to install executable code called by the php scripts. In general, you need direct access to the hosting computer via console or telnet. Since the basic calculations are compiled code, this package uses much less processing time. Depending on the setup, you should be able to serve 5000 to 10000 charts per day.
It computes only birth charts with graphics and interpretations and love charts
Cost : $600

Compiled programs and database server

This is the complete package as installed on astro-software.com comprising all features and services. It can be scaled to serve any amount of pageviews. The price includes recompiling for a specific OS, help for setting up and one year of technical assistance.
Cost : $1500

For help installing the software, see ...

Please send any comments or bug reports to frank@ceze.com

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